body confidence chit chat

hi guys sorry I haven’t posted in a while but work has been busy and as this is my hobby I have to post when I am free.

this post is something different and not beauty related. recently I have been having some body confidence issues and not feeling confident about myself. so I wanted to just chit chat with you all and see what help or tips you would recommend to boost my confidence ?

I have just got back from holiday a day ago and I noticed while I was on holiday I was very conscious of how I looked in all my bikins. I have IBS and my stomach bloats a lot and by the end of the night I have a belly that can look pregnant, I am sure a lot of you can relate to this. so I did wear a lot of high wasted pants to hide my stomach but then sometimes that wouldn’t look so flattering. why is it that social media affects us so much? while I was away I kept seeing these lovely skinny, toned women looking top in their bikins and they still eating crap food!

so I have been following healthy chef steph for a while on instagram and I would like to shoutout to her as she has really got me motivated in making the right choices but only if that is going to benefit me. also making sure that this change is because I want to not for someone else. she posts videos of workouts that you can follow and also has a youtube channel with motivational tips. I have really took on board the motivational diaries that she does every week and the inspirational quotes she does daily or weekly to help her stay on tract and happy.


if anyone has any tips or advice please comment below.. would love to hear from you all


chloe xoxo


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