fallen back in love with these beautys <3

hi guys, I wanted to do a quick post to let you know the old makeup goodies I have fallen back in love with recently on my no make up, makeup days.

Recently I was going through my makeup collection I found these two items from collection here in the UK which use to be called collection 2000. one is a bronzer brick and the other is the blush brick they are slight dupes of the bobby brown shimmer bricks. I have had these for a while and use to love these in the summer when I had a tan. I put them away when I got new makeup and forgot about them until recently when I saw them underneath some makeup. recently on days when I don’t want to wear too much makeup but still want some colour and glow these are perfect to add to the cheeks. I love the bronzer if that’s the look im going for or if im doing pinks I will go with the blush one. they add a slight colour to the cheek and then a lovely inner glow where the strip that has highlight touches the top of the cheeks.

you can get these from superdrug for only around 2.99 each so don’t wait around!

love chloe xoxo


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