review on new makeup revolution flawless resurrection 3 palette <3

20170416_164904.jpghi guys…

sorry for the lack of posts over the last couple of months but personal life has taken over and my job has been very busy. so today this post is about the new flawless resurrection 3 palette and how I love it after one day! if you stick around and like these types of reviews please follow my blog and like or comment to let me know any ideas for the future. now let’s get on with the review….

this is the new palette from makeup revolution that launched this month actually in the last week or so. I was in my local Superdrug yesterday and this pink reflected packaging caught my eye on the stand in the makeup revolution section. I seen the name and had to buy it as it was the last one left plus the instagram feeds I have been viewing I had to have it. also these palettes are only £8 in Superdrug and tam beauty which you can get international for all you people outside of the UK, that is an amazing price for 32 shadows!! last night for a night out I decided to try this palette out for an orange smokey eye and it was amazing. it had the best pigment and blended like a dream, I added glitter from one the shadows in the middle of the palette and it made the whole look. I would recommend this to any makeup lover!



you can find this at Superdrug or tam beauty online at £8.

love chloe xoxo


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