Review on nails inc kale nail varnish

Hi guys this post is going to be a review on a recent purchase I made of a new nail varnish. I found this in tkmax and got it for a steal of only 3.99 for the shade gloucester walk it’s a deep purple great for the fall season.

My nails dont do well with normal nail varnish and usually chip within a day so I usually have plain nails most of the time and then I treat myself to gel nails for special occasions and holidays. When I saw this for a great price with the twist of a kale extract init which is meant to treat the nails and make the colour last longer I thought I would try it and if it doesn’t work out it can be a toe colour.

I painted my nails Tuesday night just gone, I used the opi nail envy as a base coat. Then applied two coats of the nails inc varnish then topped it with opi nail envy as well as this I use with all my nail varnish.

I have been working all week and my job is very heavy handed as I work in retail and will lift boxes ect so there is a big chance of chipping. I am now on Sunday the day I post and it is only chipping now. I am so impressed with the length of wear time with this, it still looks shiny and same the day I applied it.

I will definitely be purchasing more from this line so I can get back into painting my nails in between gel manicure.


Love chloe xoxo


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