Nyx Haul!!!!

Hi guys I wanted to share a nyx haul with you that I got today 🙂

I walked into my town boots and there was Nyx balloons at the entrance so I was intrigued and walked straight in looking for the stand. There was music and everyone was around the stand, there was empty sections already!

I have know for a while I have wanted lots from nyx but without seeing it in person I didn’t want to order online just in case the colour was off and in the UK we cant return makeup like they can in the USA.

The staff were really helpful with testers, colour matching, tips, tricks and wipes to get rid of all the swatches that were going up my arm hehe!

so I went a bit crazy and ending up spending more than I wanted but I have wanted to try this all for so long. so I am going to show you everything up close and swatches.

Above is the first item I picked up due to seeing this all over Kathleen lights sisters YouTube Yvette, I remembered the name and how pigmented it was in her tutorials. This I am glad I got the only thing I would say about this is that it has already come loose from the glue pan already so they are very fragile so be careful with these.

The next item I got was a blush, I thought I would try one as they were very inexpensive and I like the nude colour. I know the formula is good as again Yvette has the nude colour to use for contour and she raves about it so I know I would like it.

This was a total surprise that I didn’t even know that nyx did in their eye collection, me and my mum ending up buying one each as it can be used on the eyes, face and body. It is a role on shimmer that has a lovely smooth texture, and of course I got the nude shade as this is a favourite go to shade.

The next item was recommended by one of the assistants and also I have heard people of YouTube like Casey Holmes and Kathleen lights talking about this as a good inexpensive concealer with god coverage so I am excited to try this. I got the shade light which is 03 in the line as it has a pink undertone which is what my skin type is, 01 and 02 was to light and wouldn’t show up on me. there is a great colour range for different skin types of these concealer.

The next items are the famous nyx lingerie liquid lipsticks that everyone is talking about and these were already out of shades by the time I got there. everyone was around this part of the stand and trying the shades out of there hands. I got the shade 08 bedroom eyes which is pink mauve shade and then I got 03 lace detail which is a light nude. I have yet to try these out on my lips and test them out for the length of time on the lips and drying effect. but am I very excited to try these out!

I also got a soft matte lip cream in the shade Cannes which gave me memories of my France holiday I had recently and the colour is a lovely deep rose mauve shade. then to match most of my lip products I got a lip liner in nude shoes which is the best nude shade ! I have a theme with nudes and probably have to many already but I couldn’t pass these up 🙂


above is some swatches of the lingerie lipsticks the first swatch is lace detail and then bedroom eyes this is them dried down as a matt finish, then below is the lip liner in nude shoes.


hope you liked my haul and I will keep you updated on my reactions to the products and please comment and like if you want a tutorial on these products.


love chloe xoxoxo


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