Update on Kiko Cosmetics Haul items…

Hi guys I promised an update on the items from Kiko cosmetics that I recently hauled on a blog post earlier in August.

I have tried every item except one lipstick and the foundation as I think il be posting a tutorial on this makeup to show you how it looks on the skin. comment below if you would like a tutorial or like this post.



Above are swatches of the eye shadow crayons I got, these are really creamy with great pigmentation which lasts all day. these can be wore alone or as a base with an eye shadow on top, even though they stay on the lid all day they are still really easy to remove at the end of the night.


The picture above is the three colours I bought in france, 05 – chocolate brown, 06 – green/brown shade, 35 – baby pink colour.


This above photo is the two lipsticks I bought with a matching lip liner, the white packaging is limited edition collection from the artistic collection. The black packaging is a permanent line so you would be able to purchase this at any time.

These lipsticks are very bright and both are a coral colour, the click lipstick is a bright glossy formula that is very wet but with a lip liner underneath this stops it from moving around. The smart lipstick is similar shade but more of a sheer, moisturising formula, they both have a lovely cake scent but its not heavy scent.


These are the cream crush pots like the Maybelline cream tattoo colours, I have lots of them so I decided to try these in colours I don’t have in the Maybelline ones. I bought the colour 01 – which is a cream with glitter sheen throughout, I wear this alone or as a base when I want a natural look. 06 – the chocolate shade is very deep and pigmented which again can be used as base or alone both beautiful colours and they last all day.

The next item above I forgot to mention in my haul, this was a item I purchased the second time I went to the kiko store in France as they didn’t have this out the first time. This is a limited edition beauty games take it all away palette in a beautiful reusable packaging. This comes in a blue zip case which you can use after you have finished with the makeup which I like as storage for makeup on trips away. This cam in two shades 01 neutral and 02 rosy tones, I went for the rosy tones as I like pinks more  and plus I have lots of nude palettes. This was 70% off I got it for around 9.40 euros which I think is a steal as you get – blush, bronzer, 3 eye shadows, eye liner and brushes.


Overall I so impressed with kiko cosmetics that I will definitely be purchasing from there collections again, all there items that are in collections are limited edition so once you see it you better snap it up quickly.


love chloe xoxo


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