Review on lancome juicy shakers

IMG_1326.JPGHi guys here is a new review on some high end lipgloss / lip stains from the brand lancome.

These were my first ever beauty item from lancome as this is high end beauty brand I don’t aways indulge in this type of makeup very often.

I was on the plane to France and easyjet were selling them onboard with a discount so I did get these two for the price of one on the high street.

They only had two shades which were vanilla pop which is like a mauve red pink tone and then I got berry love which is vibrant pink /purple tone. I was skeptical about these as I thought there would be no pigmentation and it would just be like a gloss. But I was pleasantly surprised and they were very pigmented. They have a lovely texture to the lips which is glossy but nourishing with a lovely vanilla scent. It did last a long time on the lips, I would say a couple of hours and when it disappears off the lips it doesn’t leave a residue. My lips have felt nourished and moisturised after having this on the lips.

I would recommend mend these to anyone who wants a glossy look and a nourishing feel if you get dry lips.

The high street price is £18.00 and there are 14 shades in total.




Love chloe xoxo


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