Kiko Haul 2016

I was recently on holiday in The South Of France and when I was in the shopping centre in Frejus there was a small Kiko store inside. Once I saw it I was so excited as I have never had access to this brand before due to the fact in the UK you can only get this online as my area in the UK doesn’t have a Kiko stand alone shop yet. I have always been tempted to make an order online from seeing people on YouTube and Blog websites talking about all the different collections they have out but I like to see products in person before buying them specially if I haven’t ever tried the brand before.

So to see this in front of me I was like a little kid in a candy shop and didn’t know where to start plus they had a sale up to 70% off top sellers and limited edition collections. I would have bought everything in the shop if I had the luggage space but I kept it to be reasonable amount. I did end up going back again and had two trips and did spend quite a lot but I did get all the sale items and got some limited edition items that they will disappear once they sell out.

I know when I was in there I wanted to get some of their eye shadow sticks as everyone raves about these on YouTube and blog sites as a good long lasting eye crayon with great colour range. So the ones I got were: 05, 06 and I think the other was 35 a pink colour.

I haven’t tried these yet but I think they are going to work well for me when I was either a smudged look, quick on the go look or eyeliner look. These were on sale at 3.40 euro each which I thought was a great value for money and that is why I took the opportunity to get more than one.

The next item I got was the skin evolution foundation in the lightest shade they have ivory 101 as most of the time I very pale most of the time of the year so I got these to use when im the fairest. I haven’t tried this yet as I have a tan from holiday so this wouldn’t suit my skin colour at the moment so I will keep you updated on whether I like this foundation. again this was on sale so I got this on a discounted price of 6.40 euros which for a foundation I feel is an amazing price as this is cheaper than my favourite rimmel foundation. found.png

The next item caught my eye as I remember seeing these on Katie Snooks YouTube channel when she did a massive kiko haul, she said the cream crush eyeshadow are amazing. So I picked up two of them due to the discounted price as they were I think around 4 euros I am not a 100% of the price sorry. I have yet to try these aswell so I will keep you posted, I have just got back from holiday so now have the chance to try all of these new goodies. the shades I got is 01 and 06 one is like a light pearl colour with glitter shine imbedded in the shade and 06 is a real deep chocolate colour.

Then the next items are lip related as this is my favourite part of makeup and I really enjoy trying new brands testing new formulas. I don’t really need anymore lip related items as I have a fair few in my collection but can say no to another lip liner or lipstick?

So I bought one the limited edition colour click lipstick in shade 02 fantastic coral now I didn’t realise this was so bright until I actually wore it on holiday. this is one the items I tried after I bought this and all I can say is wow ! I don’t normally do bright colours I like nudes but this looks really good with a tan but you can wear it lightly so it’s not so bright. The pigmentation is amazing and it’s really moisturising formula also the packaging is a win as this is very unique with a click opening and closing. I also bought the matching lip liner which is the same shade in the same range in a lovely white shiny packaging with the colour at the bottom of the liner. This is the same pigmentation lovely and bright but its a pencil that needs sharpening which I don’t mind when the formula is so good.


The last lipstick I got was a smart lipstick in a coral nude shade this is in a lovely matt black packaging. I haven’t used this one yet but the formula is meant to be a rich, nourishing lipstick, I think the shade I have is meant to be a satin formula. smart.png

Hope you like this blog post and if you want me to do a follow on update on any of these products then please leave a comment or like this post or message me on any of my social media links.


love chloe xoxo



5 thoughts on “Kiko Haul 2016

  1. I made a post about my KIKO collection (or haul) that I’ve been building up along the years. It’s a brand that I recommend. You can check it out and see my opinion on the products.


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