review on kylie jenner new nail varnish line

I decieded to buy two colors from the new kylie jenner sinful colour collection that has just launched in the UK in all Superdrug stores and online. I went with the Matte collection and also purchased the gel top coat to test out both products. The colours I bought was kourtesy and shopaholic which are both the matte collection, one is a baby blue and the other is a pink/lilac colour which is the trend currently at the moment.

I painted my nails Monday midday with the baby blue colour, I used my normal base coat which is the OPI nail envy then I applied two coats of the colour and then her gel coat to test both out. I am on the second day and they have chipped already, which doesn’t impress me for a nail varnish hyped by the kardashians.

I feel this nail varnish collection is a cool idea, will appeal to karashian fans and the price is very reasonable at only £3 per a bottle for top coat or nail colour. I think the quality of the product isn’t as good as I hoped and I really like the colour.

I feel this may apply better on false nails or on the toes where there is more of a chance of lasting longer. I will still use these but I will only use these colours on my toes now as I don’t want to keep reapplying on my fingers when they chip.

love chloe xoxo


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