My favourite skin care routine 2016 summer ❤

I wanted to share my favourite skincare routine of 2016 to help anyone who is a bee starter to skincare or is looking to switch up a new product.

I have oily/combination skin, oily t zone and then combination for the rest of my face.

This can make picking out the right skin care a little difficult as most products are set for one skin type. 

I use a astral original to take my makeup off at the of the day, this is a cold cream but also moistures the skin at the same time.

I then go in with superdrug simply pure cleanser this is my second cleanse to make sure my skin is completely clean and bare of makeup. 

Then use simple pore minimising toner as this great to balance out the PH levels of the skin and great for sensitive skin.

I then apply superdrug simply pure hydrating serum and along side with a small layer of astral as my moisturiser for the last step.

This tends to work for my skin and type of skin i have. The only thing I change up in the morning is I use simpleoily moisturiser on my t zone to prevent my makeup slipping off. 

Hope this gave you an insight into a routine and some products you may of not heard of before to try out!

Love chloe xoxo 


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