review of #rimmel nail varnish

Went to the drugstore in the UK that is #superdrug and #boots there was an offer if you spent £8 on #rimmel products you would get a free #kate #rimmel lip balm. Which no makeup lover can leave!

I wasn’t really needing anything particularly but I wanted the lip balm to try out. So I saw #ritaora nail varnish collection with #rimmel and was intrigued. I picked up a nice summer shade which I don’t have anything like this at home. I got the shade wilder-Ness which is a baby lavender.
I applied my normal base and top coat #opi #nail envy and applied two coats of the nail varnish. I am now on day 3 and stil have full coverage and I am very impressed. Usually by now it’s fully chipped off and looks awful and needs to come off. But this still looks new and fresh. I will insert a picture of my nails on day 3 and would recommend this to anyone as it is only £3.

Chloe xoxox


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