my holiday essentials

All these items I chose in the mini section in Superdrug to go into my wash bag for my holiday I just came back from.

Simple Facial Wash. This I use back home as a full size a few times of the week to clean my face in the shower. This I use nearly everyday to ensure I cleaned my face from the sun cream and dirt from the pool. Great for sensitive skin which I have and also has no perfume smell or anything to flare up any skin type.

Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo. This is a great shampoo range I actually use the Moroccan oil one at home or the honey bee strengthen but this seemed perfect for the holiday as my hair gets really dry in the sun and the pool.

Coconut Milk Conditioner. This was great to make my hair smooth and tangle free after the day of being in the pool and the sun.

Fem Fresh Intimate Wash. This I always use daily for years keeps the ph. levels in the intimate area neutral and free of irritation.

Avon Sensitive Facial Sun Cream SPF 30. This is great for my skin type as this doesn’t irritate or make me break out. Very Thin and very hydrating for the skin, plus with SPF of 30 this ensures that your face doesn’t get burnt in the heat.

Nivea Sun Lip Balm with SPF 30. This is great to keep your lips hydrated, smooth, and protected from the sun with the great high SPF count. It is also waterproof so it stays on when going into the water. You do have to reapply a lot throughout the day to ensure you are protecting your lips but it is just like a normal lip balm the only downside it can go on the lips a little white if you apply to much.

Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector Leave In Spray. This is great tool to have in your beach bag , you can apply this to wet hair as often as you like. I applied this after going into the sea or the pool to protect my hair from the sun. This made my hair soft, kept the shine and made it less of a tangle mess.

love chloe xoxo


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